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By swiping your customer’s credit card through a mobile device, you are considered a Retail merchant.


Examples of such businesses:

  • Food trucks 
  • Mobile services
  • Trade show exhibitors
  • On-the job service technicians
  • Home show parties
  • HVAC techs
  • ... and the list goes on.


With over two billion credit cards in use worldwide, your business must accept credit cards to compete. Choosing QOS Merchant Solutions as your payment processing solution means you can design your payment system to meet your unique needs. QOS Merchant Solutions’ expertise in credit card acceptance has been a valuable asset for businesses, like yours, for many years.


Regardless of how you need to process your credit card transactions, QOS Merchant Solutions has the right solution to meet your needs.


QOS Merchant Solutions can assist your business with the right solution in accepting all major credit cards!

  • QOS Challenge

    Take the QOSMS Challenge

    • If we can't lower your rates, we will send you $100.00
    • Please download and print the QOS Challenge Form, complete and return with a recent merchant statement from your current processor.
  • PCI Certification

    • PCI Compliance Is Now A Requirement.
    • Breach Protection Insurance Is In Place to Protect Your Business.

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